We have tried to answer all questions you may have about our services here but if we have left you confused or not answered your question then call 01372 459670. We do apologise as some services will be affected by Coronavirus and not be able to be offered. This is to ensure both you and our staff remain safe. Thank you for your understanding at this time.

What service will myself & my dog receive?

From the first point of contact with us we aim for you to receive a warm welcome and on arrival to your appointment we will listen to you and discuss with you the grooming options and any behavioural or health concerns you may have for your dog. Whoever you deal with at Bonnie Dogs you can be comforted to know your dog will receive the best of care from our knowledgeable friendly staff along with a huge amount of cuddles with a few biscuits thrown in.

What do you charge?
We can give a estimate over the phone 01372 459670 as all dogs even those of the same breed vary in their individual grooming needs. This price will also vary on the initial coat condition, how often you have your dog groomed and how your dog behaves. You can always pop in to see us with your dog so we can give a quote as this gives us a better idea of their coat condition. We do groom to breed standard but can be flexible with this so please do feel free to show us photos or request a look to reflect your dogs personality or your preference. If the dogs coat allows us to and it is in your dogs best interests we will always carry out your instructions.






All dog grooms include nail cutting, ear plucking (if required), eye cleaning, bath with warm clean water and a high quality shampoo, blow dry by hand, a squirt of doggie cologne of your choice (optional) and your dog will recieve lots of cuddles and biscuits throughout.

The following is a starting guide:

  • Brush & Bath – from £20.00
  • Clipping – from £25.00
  • Hand Stripping – from £30.00
  • De-Shedding (undercoat removal) – from £25.00
  • Nail Cuts – from £5.00

If there is a budget you want us to work with just let us know and we can see what we can do within that budget. Do not feel embarrassed, we would rather you have your dog kept comfortable than not be groomed at all.

Single treatments can be combined and a price agreed – nail clipping, ear plucking, sanitary trim, paw tidy, eyebrow trims, bath and blow dry.

Please note we are not vets, but we will give your dog a health check every time they are groomed and check for any lumps, bumps, abnormalities and advise you if you need to make an appointment with a vet.

Do I need an appointment?
We always advise having an appointment for full grooming but on some occasions we can fit you in on the day as we do not work alone, so give us a call 01372 459670 or pop into our Salon and we can book your dog in as soon as possible.
What do I need to do before my appointment?
All we ask is that you ensure your dog has been walked so they have relieved themselves so they will be comfortable throughout their groom.
What do I need to bring to my appointment?
All you need to bring is your dog. Unless your dog is on a special diet or has allergies please bring treats for us to give them. If your dog is on a veterinary shampoo or you have one you would prefer us to use please supply us with this.
How long will my dog be with you?
This does depend on a number of factors but we aim for 1-2 hours. This will be discussed with you when you leave your dog with us.
When should my puppy be groomed?

We welcome puppies as soon as they have had their vaccinations. Bring them in for a cuddle and a treat so they can meet us, get used to the sounds and smells. At around 4-5 months old book them in for a bath and brush so they get accustomed and confident with the machinery and handling. Even if the coat doesn’t need trimming at this young age regular trips to the groomer are essential for those breeds that will need their coat trimming when older. With regular brushing out we can keep an eye on the coat as it changes into adult coat and teach you how to brush your puppy in the hope it will remain matt free.

My dog is elderly, deaf, blind should I still have them groomed?

Yes, elderly dogs need looking after a little bit more than the younger dogs as their coat growth changes, It may not grow so fast but can still matt and be uncomfortable for your dog. Elderly dogs skin can become flakey and dry so a good brush and bath will help clean them up and make them feel fresh. If you are worried about your elderly dog standing with all dogs they only stand when we need them to, so they can lie down even on the table. We always use a sling that they can rest into so their legs don’t take the strain. We can split the bath and grooming into two sessions to minimise standing time or allow them extra time to rest inbetween. We will discuss any concerns you have and work with you and your dog to ensure they have the best level of care. If your dog is blind, deaf or both do not worry just let us know when you book them in and we will ensure more staff are available so they can be cuddled and reassured throughout.

Do you handstrip?

Yes we do offer handstripping for certain breeds with certain coat types. If you are unsure if your dogs coat is able to be stripped please do pop in and we can take a look at your dogs coat and advise from there.


My dog is matted can you help?
Yes we can, but we do have a duty of care to your dog and The Animal Welfare Act stipulates it is an offence to cause animal’s pain or discomfort. We will do all we can to make your dog look great but sometimes if the matts cover a large area that are close to the skin we will not attempt to brush this as this will be too painful for any dog to endure. We will have to clip the coat down as this is the least painful way to remove the coat. If there are small patches of matts we can clip these out and use the healthy longer coat to try to cover the patches. If the matts are small and not close to the skin we will if your dog can tolerate it brush these out. Please remember we do not have a magic wand we can only work on the coat we are presented with and will always keep the dogs welfare a priority over glamour. Once your dog is clipped down it will feel more comfortable, the fur will grow back quickly and with regular grooming we can keep it long so your dog looks and feels great again.
My dog is aggressive & nervous of being groomed can you help?
This is no problem we can work with your dog, all we ask is that you are honest with us about your dogs behaviour with yourselves or previous groomers. If there has been a problem and you share this it may save us getting bitten and allow us to give your dog more time, reassurance when carrying out the tasks they do not like and help them grow in confidence. We have turned many dogs around from those that can not be dried but with patience and time they now hop into the bath and rest their eyes while being dried. There are others who would bite when having their nails cut but with a cuddle and a treat they don’t even realise it is happening. There are also some dogs so nervous for whatever reason of the clippers/scissors they jump around but with gentle and correct handling techniques we can get that dog groomed safely. We do muzzle when we have to for the dogs safety as well as our own but as a last resort and never as a punishment, only with the intention to desensitise them from their fear and remove the muzzle all together in the future.
Do you use drying cabinets or holding cages?

No, we dry all dogs by hand and have no holding cages. Your dog stays with us in the grooming area of the shop while waiting or they can wait in the office area if the staff dogs are at home!

Do you offer teeth cleaning?

Yes we are very pleased to offer teethe cleaning for all dogs not just those that we groom. We provide the Emmi-Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush 100% Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning System.

Kills Bacteria, Promotes healthy gums, Prevents Periodonitis and Gingivitis, Removes tartar, plaque and staining, Improves breath, NO brushing is required and gives visible lasting results.

Prices start from £29.99 for the initial session then £19.99 or £15.99 if added to your dogs groom. We also offer further discounts for courses of 6. Call 01372 459 670 today or pop in for us to see your dogs teeth and advise on the best treatment plan for your dog and let us get your dogs smile back.

Can I stay with my dog or should I leave my dog with you?

Sadly due to  Covid-19 and the changes we have made to the Salon you can not stay and wait for your dog as there is no longer the space. If you leave your dog with us and we have any concerns about his or her well being we will contact you immediately for you to return.



Can you give my dog just a nail cut?
Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your dog in for single treatments like nail clipping, ear plucking, tick removal, sanitary trim, paw or eyebrow trims. You don’t need to book an appointment, but we do suggest you ring us before you come down to check when there will be a quieter time to avoid waiting.
My dog has fleas can you help?

If you have an appointment with us and you notice your dog has fleas, please do call us so we can work out the best time to come in so the fleas do not spread to others. If your dog has fleas yes, we can de-flea them for you with a bath in specialist shampoo but you must purchase flea treatment from your Vet both for your dog and spray for your home afterwards otherwise the problem will just continue.

My dog has a Tick can you remove it?

Yes, we can remove Ticks for you and show you how to remove them. We will always remove Ticks as we find them when grooming your dog.

My bitch is in season should she be groomed?

If your bitch has come into season please call us before as we may need to reschedule.

My dog has had surgery when can they be groomed?
If your dog has had surgery they can usually be groomed a few days after the stitches have dissolved or been removed. If your dog has had leg or spinal surgery then you need to speak to both your Vet and ourselves to decide when to make the appointment. We can split the bath and grooming into two sessions to minimise standing time as we would not want your dog standing for a period to make their injury worse or slow down recovery.
What is the Wash & Go Service?

Don’t need a full grooming session, but don’t want to bathe your dog at home? We now offer a service where we can bath your dog from £10 depending on how dry you want them to be and their size. A great service ideal for in-between grooming appointments, perfect after muddy walks and invaluable after your dog has rolled in…! Your dog no longer needs to be banished outside until they’re dry, or to endure a cold hose-down in the garden. And there are benefits for you too; no more lifting heavy dogs into your bath, no more mess in your bathroom, or soaking wet dogs on your furnishings.

Call 01372 459670 if your dog has rolled fox or cow poo requiring a rolling emergency bath.

Do you empty anal glands?

These glands are situated on either side of your dogs anus and are scenting glands. These can be externally emptied by dog groomers if they have become blocked. We do not routinely empty these glands as we feel if there is no problem with them they should be left alone. If your dog is having a problem they may scoot their bottom along the floor, suck inside their flank, scratch like crazy or you may notice a particularly offensive lingering fishy smell around the rear of your dog. If you are concerned we can check for you but we will advise taking them to the Vet as they can examine your dog internally and deal with the problem straight away. If a Groomer empties the glands externally this may alleviate the problem in the short term but may make matters worse by masking a more serious problem.

Do you groom cats?
Yes, we do offer Cat Grooming and cat nail cutting. Obviously not at the same time as the dogs so give us a call to discuss your cats needs and to book an appointment 01372 459670.
What are your opening times?

Hours may vary.

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Tuesday: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Wednesday:  9.00 – 5.00pm

Thursday: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am – 2.00pm

We are also CLOSED…

Bank Holiday Weekends

Every Tuesday following a Bank Holiday Monday.

Easter Holidays

Good Friday right through to Easter Monday and re-open on the Wednesday.

Christmas Holidays

From 2pm 23rd December and re-open on the first working day after New Years Day.


How can I pay?

We accept cash or Debit/Credit card payments also accepting American Express.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we do have discount offers throughout the year the best way to keep up to date with these is to follow us on our Social Media Pages. We do offer Loyalty cards and those with four dogs or more from the same household will automatically recieve a discount.






What our customers say about us
This is what our customers say about us on our Facebook, Google and Yell review pages. Please feel free to add your comments about our services if you are happy. If you have used our services and are not 100% satisfied then please come and talk to us and we will do all we can to resolve this for you.






  • Best Dog groomers in Surrey , lovely staff, no dogs sat around waiting in cages, takes approximately hour and a half, would highly recommend these lovely ladies, they always do a fantastic job x Pauline
  • Bonnie Dogs is great! The team are always so helpful and do a fantastic job. When I pick my dog up from the shop he looks fantastic. We have been going to Bonnie Dogs for many years now and the standards have always been v high. Ruth
  • Jo and her team always go the extra mile to groom my dogs and provide excellent customer service. Alison
  • I have a dog who is quite nervous and anti being handled – even grumbles when I try and dry him off with a towel. However…. When I tell him he’s going to see Jo, waggy tails and he can’t get through the Bonnie Dogs door quick enough to say hello. Much love, care and attention is given to my dog and others of all different breeds, characters and traits. Always comes back happy and looking perfect. If you’re looking for a groomer, can’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks team! Sarah
  • Amazing staff, caring, kind, understanding. Great leadership by Jo. Lovely friendly atmosphere. My boy has passed on now, but he loved going there. Xx great place. Sharon
  • Lovely friendly people and did a great job clipping my cockapoo. Will be using all the time !! Joanna
  • Jo and her team have been grooming my dogs for over 9 years now. Max had an injury and has a very bad back, but this doesn’t stop Jo and her team grooming him, he just has to have that extra special care and he was so scarred from the 1st groomers he went to that Jo and her team have to do his nail and ears completely different to other dogs but they just get on with it, nothing is any problem for Max. My puppy loves going there and his 1st visit was the day we got him to get him used to everything and everyone. I would throughly recommend Jo and her team to anyone and so would my dogs if they could talk LOl!!! 🙂 Anne
  • We come all the way from Somerset to get our dog clipped. The staff are always so helpful and friendly and our Maia always looks gorgeous after her visit. Rosemarie
  • Lovely ladies who did a great job on my Shih-tzu. She looks and smells lovely. Irene
  • Such lovely staff , who did a great job on my pug pup Eddie today , he smells amazing! And he has been very relaxed this afternoon ! Lol will be returning soon thank you so much. Jodie
  • Chino looks totally amazing after his pamper. Jo is wonderful. Totally recommend 100%. Tina
  • Jo is an excellent dog groomer she is very patient with the dogs entrusted in her care and will always put the dogs welfare first .Our lovely dog Jack was very stressful the first time we took him for a haircut etc but Jo took her time and won over his confidence .now when we take him he is calm and stress free I have no hesitation in recommending Bonnies to anyone the staff are very friendly and you can always pop in if you have any problems or questions well done Bonnie. Mr Morgan
  • Fantastic job with our husky thank you for your kindness and understanding Kay
  • I have taking my very quiet and nervous male Yorkshire terrier to Bonnie Dogs for a couple of years. They have been very helpful and are willing to provide knowledge in his care. They always listen to your requests and try to implement them or at least they explain why they cannot. I tried to go to another dog parlour nearer home but I was disgusted with his care, so I returned to Bonnie dogs. Now I have added a female Yorkshire terrier an ex-handbag pooch from a rescue centre. She is extremely nervous and is the devil dog,when it becomes nail cutting time. Despite this, they show her care,love, respect and I can see relationship building. The shop is always clean and cleared up after each dog. Staff are friendly, professional and appearance is always to a suitable standard. Deb
  • I have a big malamute, and Bonnie Dogs do a great job at taking the undercoat out once it’s blown. They use high tech machinery to blow it out, then wash and dry here. She comes out amazing, and I can’t rate Bonnie Dogs highly enough. Sharon
  • Fantastic ( schnauzer cut ) and already booked in again – I would highly recommend Bonnies! Jade
  • First time for my two girls, Molly and Jessica! Being feisty Jack Russells I was expecting that call, you know the one “please come and fetch your dogs we don’t want them here!” But, the team clearly know what they are doing and the dogs made it through and everyone still has their fingers!! They look lovely, thank you!!!!  Lorraine
  • Lily has come back from you guys looking great yet again! She looks all gorgeous in time for Christmas now! Can’t recommend you enough, you’re so patient with lily and I hear she gets better each time she visits you. Brianna
  • Domino always looks great when he is groomed even though he is a fidget. The staff are always happy and cheerful and make Domino feel at ease. I recommend Bonnie Dogs to all my friends. So glad you are so near. Val
  • Took my almost 12 week old puppy to Bonnies for his first bath/groom today. Both ladies were brilliant with him, kind and gentle plus gave me tips. Now looks very smart! Highly recommend. Dawn
  • Lovely friendly ladies, excellent service, Lola always looks amazing when I go to collect her. Highly recommended. Lorna
  • My scruffy darling Maisie looks fantastic, we have tried a few groomers and this is the best she has ever been clipped, a wonderful job. She was very happy and appears to have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and treatment. Jill
  • A brilliant service. My border collie Elmo has never looked so handsome. The team clearly adore dogs and Elmo had a very happy morning with them all. Definitely recommend. Liz
  • First-time visit with our chocolate Labrador, Barney, who loved it. Staff obviously care lots about the dogs & know their stuff. Would thoroughly recommend. Thank you for giving us back a gorgeous-smelling dog!! Lou
  • My Mini Schnauzers first puppy cut today at Bonnie Dogs is beautiful. Jo and Emily are friendly, helpful and made me feel very much at ease. So happy with the cut and will definitely be returning. Thank you ladies. Sarah
  • Brilliant! Very nice friendly staff and my JRT Molly looks amazing!! Thank you! Vanessa
  • Thank you guys. Yet again you have done a wonderful job with Diddi. Smelling great too:) highly recommend you. Jodie
  • Friendly, helpful, caring service and my dog looks beautiful now. Sam
  • Fantastic service, Percy is now looking and smelling wonderful! Thanks for a fab job done. Katie
Where can I park?
There is ample parking near the shop, you can park in our forecourt but there is no drop kerb, alternatively on Dorking or Dawnay Road. Please be considerate of the local residents by not blocking drive ways. There is a park where dogs are welcome less than a minute walk from us if you want to ensure your dog has relieved themselves. Please always clean up after your dog poo; bags are available on request.